Every year, The Corp will donate $40,000 to students and student groups through Corp Philanthropy Grants. The Corp underwrote the first annual Run for Rigby, 25 Days of Service, Harakat, and Relay For Life, in addition to many other campus events and initiatives.

Whether you’re starting a new club, completing a class project, traveling overseas, sponsoring an event, or hosting a conference, The Corp is committed to supporting Hoyas who contribute to our vibrant campus community. Any Georgetown student or organization (including those not recognized by the university) can submit a funding proposal to CPC. Both CSOC and the Social Impact Committee offer grants to students. More information on how to submit a proposal below.

What We've Funded

SigEp’s Halloween 5K Against Domestic Violence

Thanks to a huge outpouring of support from the Georgetown community, our event was a huge success. We had approximately 150 runners register for the race, representatives from Doorways came and spoke to the runners before the race began, and (though we are still collecting donations this week) we have so far raised over $6,000 after-costs to donate to Doorways. A significant number of runners expressed their appreciation for the refreshments given to them after the race, which we were only able to purchase with the help from the CPC’s grant. The CPC’s grant directly benefited the runner’s experiences, increasing the likelihood that those individuals will continue to participate in the event in years to come. Thanks again for your help!

What We've Funded

MEChA de Georgetown’s “Political Borderlands” Conference

MEChA de Georgetown’s “Political Borderlands” conference on Saturday, November 6 was a success. We hosted 91 Latinx students attending universities in the NE, but with Georgetown students the total number of participants was closer to 110. Alejandra Ceja, Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, gave the morning commencement speech, which was followed by two hour-long workshop sessions. We are very thankful for the Corp Philanthropy’s lunch donation. Since we provided lunch, the conference participants were able to network and meet each other while they ate. In past conferences at other schools, they did not provide lunch, and this meant that the schools didn’t mix because they had to leave campus to find food. We took advantage of the Corp’s donation by having them eat in one room and using the time to play icebreakers.

What We've Funded

GU NAACP’s “The Conversation”: Film Screening and Dialogue

Many thank you’s for your help in making the GU NAACP event, “The Conversation: Film Screening and Dialogue a success. The event was impactful. The short films resonated with many people and created much thought provoking discussion. One guest randomly stumbled upon the event and stayed. The guest was a young, white male student who never really had conversations about race before. He expressed this and his gratitude to the film maker at the end. These moments are why NAACP does events like this! Corp Philanthropy’s funding helped the event run seamlessly by ensuring that it was adequately catered and that we could rent the licenses for as many short films as we did. Again, thank you.

What We've Funded

The 23rd Annual Wharton Africa Business Forum

I would like to let the Corp Philanthropy Committee know that African Society of Georgetown’s travel and attendance at the 23rd Annual Wharton Africa Business Forum was a great success. The CPC’s grant allowed us to cover all of the costs of registration for the conferences great events which included small panels on topics ranging from “Branding, Communications and Expanding Africa’s Brand Globally” to “Creating and Scaling Sustainable Social Enterprises” which were very intelligent conversations led by key business leaders that have been successful in the African Market. I’ve attached some photos from the conference for CPC’s promotional materials. Thanks again!

What We've Funded

Georgetown Ultimate Frisbee’s “Book Dive” Tournament

Book Dive was last week and it was amazing! We arrived to the US Polo Fields on the National Mall at 6:15 am and set up 8 frisbee fields! Watching the sunrise and setting up cones in the ~cold~ was very worth it because we knew of all the good that was to come! Games started promptly at 9 am-with 16 teams participating: 15 teams from all over DC including high school teams, club teams, nearby university teams (undergrad and alumni) and our very own Georgetown undergrad and alumni teams. We also had about 10 individual participants whom we placed on other teams. Each team played at the minimum three games, followed by a semi-final and championship round. Everyone enjoyed the great bagels throughout the day, delicious mac n cheese for lunch, and sharing in the wondrous sport all together. We also collected over 100 books for the Angel Tree book drive. It was a very successful day, with everyone having fun, and our team raising lot of money for our future endeavors. Thanks to the Corp for the 300 bagels! Could not have done it without you guys 🙂

What We've Funded

GU South Asian Society’s Rangila 2015

Rangila went incredibly well this year! We had maxed out attendance in Gaston Hall (1,000 plus people) and the videos that Teddy took were a huge hit! I remember hearing peals of laughter for each one. We also thanked the Corp Philanthropy Committee in the Coordinator’s speech. Below are a couple pictures of the night!

What We've Funded

Hoya Break Squad’s Hoyaween Jam

Dear Corp Philanthropy Committee,

Last Saturday Hoya Breaksquad, with the help of the Corp Philanthropy Committee, hosted the first ever Hoyaween Jam. This jam was a great success bringing in over 50 BBoys from around the country, with crews from Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and of course Washington DC. We even had a BBoy from Korea! Additionally many non BBoys in Georgetown as well as the general DC area came out to watch! Overall it was an amazing time for both competitors and spectators. While we are still waiting for reimbursement, the funding that Corp Philanthropy will/has provided for the judges and DJ really helped to bring the event to life. The DJ kept the atmosphere intense, while the judges provided a means for up and coming talent to really get a guage of their skills. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity that this funding has provided us, and without such generous contributions an event like this would not be possible!

Below I have attached a picture of some of the contestants with some of the members of Hoya Breaksquad as well as included a link to most of the pictures taken at the event. Video of the event will be uploaded and edited within the upcoming weeks.

Thanks again for your support!

How can we fund projects?


  • Travel expenses
  • A/V and lighting
  • Space rental
  • Equipment costs
  • Charitable donation*

Corp Catering

  • Coffee, bagels, fruit
  • Water bottles
  • Sandwiches, wraps, salads

Corp Gift Cards

  • Redeemable at all Corp locations!

Submitting a Grant

All grant requests should be submitted 2 weeks prior to the proposed event or project. Requests submitted after 5pm on Tuesday will not be considered at that week’s Wednesday CPC meeting.

Requirements for a Grant Proposal
– submission by a Georgetown student, faculty or staff member
– highly detailed description of the event or project and its impact
– explanation of value to Georgetown community
– complete budget with breakdown of costs
– specific outline of what you need and how The Corp can provide it
– i.e. Monetary (how much money), Corp Catering (how much food and drink), Corp Gift Cards (how many and for how much money)

CPC will only consider Grant Requests that are complete and meet the requirements above. The requester will be notified when his or her grant proposal has been received by CPC. He or she will be notified again when the grant proposal has been approved or denied by the Corp Philanthropy Committee.

Corp Philanthropy Committee and Grant Proposal Review Process

The Corp Philanthropy Committee (CPC) is comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, 9 Corp Service Representatives, 6 At-Large Corpies, and 3-4 At-Large Non-Corpies. CPC meets every Wednesday to review grant proposals, to evaluate scholarship submissions, to plan major events like Holiday Gala, and to discuss ways that The Corp can better fulfill its mission of “Students Serving Students.”

Grant proposals are vetted through CPC at its weekly meetings. Five major themes characterize CPC discussions about grant proposals: value and impact, inclusiveness, innovation, tradition, and need. A 2/3 majority “Yay” vote is necessary for a grant request to be approved. A simple majority is necessary to defer a request to the Corp Upper Management or Board of Directors. If you have any questions, please reach out to Kobby Adu-Diawuo

Apply here!