Human Resources

Corp Human Resources

The Corp’s Human Resources Department (HR) is responsible for recruiting and retaining some of Georgetown’s best and brightest, supporting an employee base that currently exceeds 250 undergraduate students. Additionally, the department oversees the interview and hiring processes, the advancement of employee morale, and the empowerment of all Corpies to make the most of their experience. HR is focused on both the personal and professional development of each employee to develop strong campus leaders.

By building the “One Corp” mentality across services, employees come together as students truly committed to serving fellow students. The Corp’s HR Department consists of the Director, Assistant Director, the Director of Alumni Relations and Professional Development, in addition to one Director of Personnel from each of The Corp’s nine services. These individuals work together as the driving force behind instituting many Corp-wide plans and initiatives.

The Assistant Director of Human Resources primarily focuses upon on the new hire experience and introduction to The Corp, payroll for Federal Work Study students, communication with the Directors of Personnel, and providing assistance to the Director on the many intangibles that keep HR a well-oiled machine.

The Director of Alumni Relations and Professional Development (DARPD) works to connect our worldwide network of Corp alumni to fellow alums as well as current employees. DARPD also strives to prepare Corpies for life after Georgetown by holding career building workshops, networking events, and employer information sessions to aid the transition to the post-Corp world.

Love is not extinct.

Contact Information

1324 Leavey Center
Georgetown University
Washington, DC 20057

(202) 687-6079

HR Sweet Ideas Scholarship

The Corp is always looking for ways to better its customer service, storefront experience, internal operations, and philanthropic impact. This scholarship will recognize a proposal that will make a lasting change and improve the company. The “best” idea, as determined by the HR department, for improving some aspect or service at The Corp will receive the cash prize and help implement the idea.

*Note: only Corpies may apply for this internal scholarship. Corpies may submit an idea individually or in teams!*

Click here for more information and to apply!