Recognizing the increasingly digital nature of marketing, the IT and Marketing departments teamed up in the Spring of 2008 to create the new IT+Marketing Department.

Information Technology

Corp IT is a creative team of computer specialists who maintain the company’s physical infrastructure (computers, routers, etc.), along with the in-store Point of Sale system and The Corp’s website. The department was founded in 2005 in recognition of the increasing importance of information technology in The Corp’s day-to-day operations and the growing need for organizational familiarity with computers. IT has lived up to its promise, providing the technical expertise needed to help get many of The Corp’s digital components off the ground, and playing a critical role in Corp Storage every year. IT has also designed The Corp’s employee site and outfitted it with a range of useful features, including a sophisticated online timeclock and scheduling system.

Successful applications for IT Consultant positions tend to feature experience in network management, computer programming, and/or content management systems like WordPress. Department members have gone on to work for Google, Yahoo!, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Morgan Stanley, among other employers.

Contact Information


1510 Leavey Center
Georgetown University
Washington, DC 20057

Phone: (202) 687-9885


Corp Marketing is the creative and strategic team behind The Corp’s advertising, branding, and communications. Founded in 1982, Corp Advertising provided graphic design services for university clubs and Corp storefronts. In 1997, Corp Advertising was closed and internalized as Corp Marketing.

Today, Corp Marketing oversees all Corpwide and service specific marketing campaigns, as well as Behind the Counter, the official blog of The Corp. As a part of a collaborative team of ~20 people, every creative consultant brings something to the table, whether it’s graphic design, photography, videography, copy writing, web design, or marketing strategy. All Marketing team members also take a crossover shift at one of our storefronts, where they gain a more well-rounded understanding of The Corp’s mission and culture.

Department members have gone on to jobs and internships in marketing at Google, Ralph Lauren, sweetgreen, Living Social, and Razorfish, among other employers.

Dream Big Scholarship

Presented by the IT+Marketing department & The Corp Philanthropy Committee, The Corp’s “Dream Big” Scholarship is intended to cover some of the costs of a new academic year.

The winner will be awarded a MacBook Air, Apple Care, and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).