Uncommon Grounds

Uncommon Grounds

Uncommon Grounds opened its doors to the Georgetown community in 1995, right across from the University bookstore in the Leavey Center. Whether you are looking for a traditional coffee, tasty latte, or soothing cup of tea, UG has you covered for both early morning and late night necessities. We also offer an assortment of bagels, muffins, croissants and other pastries to help get you through the day.

While we are proud to be The Corp’s first coffee service, Uncommon Grounds exhibits the allure and attitude of an independent coffeehouse. With a unique and personal touch missing from those coffeehouse chains, UG offers great music, including live performances from students, poetry readings, open-mic nights, and exhibitions of student artwork.

Store Hours

M-Th: 7:30am – 12am
F: 7:30am-10pm
Saturday: 10am – 10pm
Sunday: 10am – 12am


M-F: 7:30am – 10pm
Saturday: 9:30am – 7pm
Sunday: 9:30am – 10pm

1610 Leavey Center
Georgetown University
Washington, DC 20057

Email: ug@thecorp.org

Arts Scholarship

A monetary award given to undergraduates to fund arts projects in the medium of their choosing. Applicants are encouraged, but not required, to submit artistic samples as a supplement to their application. The majority of the prize money is to be spent on production materials, for which receipts are generally collected, but the allocation of any remaining funds is at the winner’s discretion. Before the scholarship check is presented, the recipient must meet with the UG Director and/or UG Director of Marketing to discuss how their project will be displayed in Uncommon Grounds before the end of the year.


Artwork Showcase

Uncommon Grounds is not only a place for Georgetown students to gather, perform, socialize and study, but also a venue where their artwork can be displayed and admired. If you have artwork – in any medium – that you would like to exhibit in the coffee shop, please send an email to marketing.ug@thecorp.org and we will make every effort to get your work on the walls. Also, if you have any comments or questions about something you saw on display in UG, drop us an email. We are always happy to hear from you. Good artwork. Good coffee. Good for what ails you. Want to perform in UG? Other questions? Get in touch!

Open Mic Night

Uncommon Grounds is also a place for Georgetown students to perform. If you are a student musician, slam poet or performer, come perform at Uncommon Grounds on Tuesday nights. We will make every effort to provide you a venue to showcase your work. If you would like to perform, contact us at marketing.ug@thecorp.org.