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We are The Corp's 53rd Upper Management!

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Affinity Groups

Qorp Logo (1).png

Qorp brings together LGBTQ+ Corpies from across services to foster an environment of inclusivity through discussions of queer issues and outreach events to help create a close-knit community where Qorpies feel comfortable as they are.

Incorporado Logo.png

Incorporado serves to provide an inclusive space for Latinx individuals within The Corp. It engages in dialogue regarding current issues within Latinx communities, values the current Latinx individuals working in The Corp, and strives to maintain existing and recruit prospective Latinx Corpies.

SHEA Logo (1).png
Corp Mena Logo.png
CorporAsian Logo.png

Shea unites around the goal of creating a welcoming community for Black Corpies. We aim to provide a safe space for Black Corpies to discuss their experiences outside of and within The Corp. We support and devise broader institutional change to make the Corp more accessible, impactful, and uplifting for Black students.

CorporAsian offers AAPI Corpies a community and space for solidarity, mutual aid, and empowerment. Our group actively welcomes all Asian identities and challenges the homogenization of Asian individuals into an East Asian monolith. We strive to support AAPI Corpies within and beyond CorporAsian through constructive dialogue and are working to instigate broader company change to celebrate and support all AAPI Corpies.

CorpMena offers all Middle Eastern and/orNorth African Corpies, as well as all individuals of the SWANA (Southwest Asia North Africa) region, a community for collective support and solidarity. Our community promotes meaningful dialogue to amplify the narratives of MENA Corpies as well as to spotlight the ways in which we can encourage intentional and sincere MENA representation.


GS(Cor)P’s mission supports a more equitable experience for first-generation and low-income students in Georgetown Scholars Program (GSP) and the Corp, from internal advocacy to external recruitment. We want to nurture a community for GSP’ers meaningfully and intentionally – embodied as a priority by all of the Corp.

Interest Groups

Corp Green seeks to positively impact the environment and decrease our contribution to climate change. Join us in cutting down waste through promoting multi-use plates, creating Corp compost centers, and partner with fellow green clubs on campus to promote sustainability on campus.

Started as a student-run investment fund, Corp Capital has been a part of The Corp’s financial operations for almost a decade. We meet weekly to discuss world affairs, talk about geopolitical topics and financial markets, make stock pitches, and provide career and resume advice. Although we are an investment fund, Corpies from outside the MSB are strongly encouraged to join.

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