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We are
committed to serving Georgetown.


Who We Are

Part of The Corp’s “Students Serving Students” mission is served by our philanthropic work that gives back to the Georgetown community. Our primary goal is to address the needs of students where the university isn’t able to. The Corp’s student initiatives across campus are planned and executed by the Philanthropy Chair and The Corp Philanthropy Committee (CPC) in collaboration with the Marketing department. The Philanthropy Chair is appointed and selected to serve for a one-year term by the C-Suite, while Corpies on CPC are selected on an application basis. CPC members represent all services across coffee, convenience, and internal services.

A large part of the funding that Corp Philanthropy distributes is raised during the annual Corp Philanthropy Gala, which is organized by the Philanthropy Chair, CPC, and Director of Experiential Marketing. Hosted in November or December, Gala is an opportunity to celebrate the successes of Corp employees and the broader Georgetwon community. All profits from the event go back into the Georgetown community through scholarships, grants, and donations.


We give
back with

The primary way we give back to students is through scholarships for Georgetown undergraduate students. Our scholarships are small-scale, often ranging from $100-$250, but they fill important needs within the Georgetown community. Every year, we give out scholarships to help students cover the costs of textbooks, professional development needs, food stuff over Thanksgiving break, traveling home for winter break, and more. We highly encourage students to reach out with ideas for Corp scholarships that can address other student needs!

We support Georgetown student organizations by collaborating with them for proceeds drink fundraisers, where they get to fundraise for the charity or initiative of their choice through sales of a Corp drink. In past years, we’ve partnered with clubs ranging from identity affinity organizations to performance groups to club sports teams.

we are
our partners.

Our Work

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